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THE HAVANA BUCKET LIST by David L. Sloan & Rob O’N

THE HAVANA BUCKET LIST by David L. Sloan & Rob O’N

2479 - THE HAVANA BUCKET LIST by David L. Sloan & Rob O’Neal 
Required reading for anyone considering a trip to Havana. Why just visit when you can explore the real Cuba? The Havana Bucket List is a concise list of 100 integral activities that will immerse the user into the heart and soul of the people and culture of Havana, Cuba. Step beyond your typical guidebook and transform your time in Havana into a true adventure filled with purpose, meaning and accomplishment. Our Bucket List Guides are concise and to the point, so you can spend less time reading about what to do and more time doing it. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed If you buy this book and complete this list, you will have fascinating person-to-person exchanges, discover places you never knew existed, engage in offbeat cultural adventures, and create memories that last a lifetime. In short, you will have the time of your life. That is our promise. The next step is yours. Our bucket lists are a favorite with travelers. Please note that this book is a list. One item per page accompanied by a photo and an appropriate quote. If you are looking for a guide book with lengthy descriptions and details that holds your hand every step of the way, this is not the book for you. Consider this a primer for adventure. Short on words, but big on adventures.
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