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7486  Invented in Key West, Florida by artist and musician Steve Allerton. It is at once a jewelry object, a musical instrument, and a sublime sculpture. It is an attempt at interspecies communication in a poetic sense. In the artist's mind, this musical instrument produces the call of the dolphin.
The Dolphin Whistle is the confluence of art, musical instrument craft, spiritual talisman, interspecies communication, and 100% positive energy. By placing one’s lips to the rostrum (mouth) of the dolphin and blowing gently, tones simulating that of the bottlenose dolphin can be produced. A sense of well-being and harmony are among the benefits to anyone holding, wearing or playing this musical instrument.
The Dolphin Whistle is a calling devise, a work of art, a musical instrument, and an accessory. It can be a gift, an expression of love, a means of barter or a peace offering. It has been used as a totem, a token, and a talisman. It is thought to be the world’s most perfect object.
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