2008 - Learn the history of the HENRIETTA MARIE in this award winning book
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    Available in Paperback 80 Pages, Ages 9 - 12, Cobblehill Books, 1994. Winner of Parents Magazine Book Award. Of the small handful of slave ships found in the Americas, the Henrietta Marie is the only one to have been scientifically studied, to have its remains fully recorded and preserved by marine archaeologists. Today, at the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society in Key West, one can see artifacts from the Henrietta Marie; shackles, pewter bottles and tankards, spoons, glass beads used for trade goods, muskets, deck timbers.George Sullivan first learned of the Henrietta Marie in the mid-1980s when he was in Key West, Florida conducting research for Treasure Hunt: The Sixteen Year Search for the Lost Treasure Ship. In his research, Mr. Sullivan worked closely with the marine archaeologists and curators representing the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society.

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