2054 - This the heart-rending story of a man who defiantly  resisted the encroachments of a fatal degenerative disease. The odyssey  of Gib Peters is a story of a man who left a lasting mark on his  community by conquering despair and choosing a life of adventure  with the precious time he had left.Autographed by Author. Hard Cover. 224 Pages.
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    Gib's Odyssey is the true story of an extraordinary man, Gib Peters, and his solo journey along the Intracoastal Waterway from Key West to New York and back while suffering the ravages of Lou Gehrigs disease.During his six-month voyage aboard his boat, Ka-Ching, Gib encounters numerous obstacles. He meets an incompetent sailor who wraps his tow rope around Ka-Ching's propellers and accidentally stabs himself as he tries to cut it loose. Navy and Coast Guard Zodiacs rush to stop Gib from entering a naval bombardment zone. He searches for his two kittens, brought along as companions on his trip, when they go AWOL. All the while he is forced to cope with increasing levels of paralysis, steering the boat home with his feet and unable to speak.Authored by the neurologist who treated him, this remarkable book is told in Gib's own voice through a series of e-mails to family and friends and articles he wrote for the Key West Citizen. Part travelogue, part soul-searching meditation, it is an uplifting and sometimes hilarious story of one man's conquest of death and his profound insights into life.

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